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Summer 2019

I'm excited to announce that I'll be attending New Music On The Point in June! Then, after the festival is over, I'll be teaching two summer sessions in songwriting/composition with high school students at The Putney School, as well as leading the extracurricular a cappella group twice a week. Looking forward to a summer of music-making in Vermont!

April 9, 2019

In December 2018, I was named the winner of the 2019 NOTUS Composition Contest. I had the honor of singing in the NOTUS Contemporary Vocal Ensemble, directed by Dominick DiOrio, during my time at IU Jacobs School of Music. This meant I was able to participate in the rehearsal process of my piece, Assurance, from day one, as this phenomenal group of musicians brought my piece to life. I also got to collaborate with the extremely sensitive conductor Hana Cai, who provided a wonderful artistic interpretation of my piece - watch the premiere here.

February 20, 2019

After months of work, I presented my masters recital, a program of works centered around my M.M. thesis: Concerto for Beatboxer and Sinfonietta. Collaborating with beatboxer Craig Simonetti to write this piece was easily one of the most exciting projects I've participated in. He and I developed a beatbox notation personalized to him, so that he could read it quickly and I could plan his musical lines to a high degree of precision, and the final product was even more cohesive than I could have imagined!

Craig Simonetti, beatboxer and concerto soloist, and I after the premire of my Masters thesis

November 8, 2018

As this year's VP of Indiana University's Student Composer Association, my job was to organize our New Art New Music event. In this concert, participating composers reflected on and wrote new pieces for 1-2 performers in conjunction with the Grunwald Gallery's exhibit Out of Easy Reach. As such, each piece was inspired in some way by the historical inability of society to see clearly the female and POC diasporas. My piece, Our Soul's Refraction, for soprano and cello, conveyed musically the idea of narratives coming into focus, with the soprano starting obscured but breaking out with clarity by the end of the piece. Thank you to Karli Forte and Kevin Flynn for your powerful performance of my work!

with Kevin Flynn, cello, and Karli Forte, soprano

July 2018

From Vienna, I traveled to Cesena, Italy, for the soundSCAPE music festival. I was fortunate to have a very successful premiere of my piece Aporia, a musical depiction of the broken world of modern politics. I received eye-opening lessons from Shawn Jaeger and Jason Eckhardt, made friends with wonderful fellow composers and performers, and ate as much gelato as I could!

With the wind quintet musicians who premiered my piece, Aporia
with Jana Zilova, oboe, and Elena Varon, horn

June 2018

I attended the Vienna Summer Music Festival and premiered my piece Let Grief with members of the Austrian contemporary ensemble PHACE. Other highlights of my time in Vienna include workshopping a solo violin piece with Irvine Arditti, studying with European composers Oliver Weber and Ulrich Dressler, and eating lots and lots of käserkrainer!

members of PHACE contemporary ensemble performing my piece, Let Grief
Irvine Arditti workshopping my solo violin piece
the composers of the 2018 Vienna Summer Music Festival

April 20-21, 2018

I traveled to St. Louis for my premiere of Absent an Adjustment with Katherine Jolly and Chamber Project St. Louis. In composing the new work, which was commissioned by CPSTL, I was fortunate enough to work with Katherine Jolly, who teaches at IU Jacobs. I was able to collaborate with her closely and check in throughout the text setting process to capitalize on her phenomenal musicianship. I appreciate her collaborative spirit and guidance, and am very grateful to have worked in tandem with her.

with Chamber Project St. Louis after the premiere of Absent an Adjustment
right after the premiere of Absent an Adjustment, featuring Katherine Jolly, soprano

April 11, 2018

I was one of the composers selected for the 2018 IU Kids Compose commission. I created an orchestral arrangement of two melodies written by middle-schoolers, discussing creativity and the compositional process with them. The arrangement was premiered by the IU Concert Orchestra, inspiring an audience of hundreds of local middle schoolers to write the music they want to hear - listen here.

with middle schoolers after the premiere of their melodies I orchestrated

April 10, 2018

In December 2017, I was named one of the winners of the 2018 NOTUS Composition Contest. I currently sing in NOTUS Contemporary Vocal Ensemble at IU Jacobs School of Music, directed by Dominick DiOrio, and so I had the immense honor of being part of the premiere of my winning piece, Two Songs of Solitude - you can watch it here.

Dominick DiOrio and I after the NOTUS concert

January 6, 2018

As an alum of the piano program at MacPhail Center for Music in Minneapolis, MN, I was asked to compose a string quartet in honor of the school's 50th anniversary celebration. My piece, Currents, was premiered by a group of string alums during the Saturday night concert, alongside a program filled with performances by fellow alums.

July 14, 2017

My arrangement of In The Name of Love, written for the collegiate co-ed a cappella group UCLA Resonance, is featured on Voices Only 2017. Congratulations to Resonance for their stellar performance!

March 25, 2017

Vox Novus's Fifteen Minutes of Fame concert series selected my work for flute, clarinet, and bassoon to be premiered by the Third Wheel Trio, in Glendale, CA. Fifteen Minutes of Fame organizes calls for scores of 1-minute long pieces for specified ensembles, so that fifteen different composers can be featured on each concert. My piece, a stubborn bunny has an argument with its friend,  received chuckles at the premiere - listen here.

February 9, 2017

My grade 3 work for wind ensemble, Stormdance, was selected as a finalist with the James Madison University New Music for Young Musicians Composers Competition.

June 5, 2016

I was the winner of the 2016 Young Composers Competition with the Six Degree Singers. I traveled to Washington, DC for the premiere of my pieceHomage to Ourania, and had the honor of working with the ensemble and artistic director Rachel Carlson.

Rachel Carlson and I after the Six Degree Singers concert
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