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I'm a vocal arranger who works with a cappella groups throughout the US and abroad. My clients range from scholastic groups (MS, HS, collegiate) to professional ensembles.

My arrangements have helped clients advance in ICCA and ICHSA, and my work has garnered 10+ CARA nominations and is featured on compilations such as Voices Only and BOHSA.

My interests as an arranger lie in the interplay of highly singable lines with nuanced textures, resulting in pieces that are technically challenging while deeply musical.

Check out my existing arrangements for sale on SMP Press or Sheet Music Direct.

TLDR: I love a cappella -- and I know you do too! I'm available for custom charts, edits, learning tracks, and more -- Let's make some music together!



Jon Smith - The Swingles

“Katherine's arrangements can transport you to whatever scene she is setting, as story-telling lives in every line from start to finish. She writes with great voice-leading, lush chords, and singable lines. But arguably the most important of all, she's a wonderful person to work with that puts care and thought into every project she is a part of." 
"Katherine is, and has been, my go-to arranger at Viridian Productions especially when I need something specific. Her arrangements always exceed mine and my clients expectations. It's admirable and assuring to know that she studied under great composers and professors in music at one of the best music schools in the country. If a standout, creative, award-winning arrangement is what you're looking for at any level - look no further!"

Josh Coats - Beyond

“Katherine’s ability to pull out beauty makes your singers want to perform their very best at all times. Her personal touches make each arrangement feel special and unique. Her part tracks are among the best I’ve come across, making it so much easier for singers to really hear what they’re reading. Our group loves her!”

Matthew Wolf - The Ram Jams

“Katherine's arrangements are expertly tailored to my students strengths, challenge them musically, and capture every element of the original songs. She is communicative and flexible through the arrangement process and continues to support her arrangements after delivery. Working with Katherine leads directly to the success and development of the students in my program.”

Jeremy Witt - Shades of Blue

"There is something truly unique and inspiring about every arrangement Katherine has written for Shades of Blue. I know that when I ask Katherine to arrange a particular song, she is going to give it the time, attention to detail, and heart that it needs. Her arrangements overflow with emotion and call the singers to a deeper connection with the music. My students love getting to learn and rehearse Katherine's arrangements. They never tire of working on her arrangements and in fact, eagerly ask for more of her work. We have had the privilege to perform and record many of Katherine's arrangements in the last several years. Her arrangements consistently receive great praise, reception, and recognition from audiences and judges." 

Matthew Swope - Camp Acappella, NSO, Take7

"Katherine is an incredible arranger and consummate professional. Her creative spirit is never satisfied with literalism, and she is always in search of inventive ways to make each arrangement something special for her clients. In addition, Katherine is a true collaborator who thoughtfully considers the strengths and limitations of the singers in crafting singable and interesting vocal lines that set the group up for successful and meaningful performances. After years of working together, Katherine has never let me down and continues to inspire me with her creative and invested approach to arranging."

Sam Wulterkens - Knight Club

"Katherine Bodor has become our top person to contact for mixed voice and treble voice arrangements to be used by our high school groups.  Katherine consistently produces arrangements that are creative, meaningful, and nuanced.  Our students sound great when singing Katherine's charts because they are engaging for the performer and audience alike.  Katherine is also able to arrange music in a wide variety of styles, helping to craft competitive sets as well as sets that are simply meant to entertain.  Her scores are filled with detail, written with immaculate attention to the conventions of music notation, and truly easy to read.  In addition, Katherine produces some of the very best learning tracks we have found.  I can't say enough about the positive experience it is to work with Katherine Bodor."

Gillian Pacetti - Ladies Knight

"We have been working with Katherine for years and I have nothing but the nicest things to say about working with her! Her arrangements are creative and thoughtful. She cares about what she puts out into the world, so you know each piece you get is something special. They are complex and layered, while also very accessible. The rehearsal tracks she creates are extremely well done. They are easy to use and very helpful. Katherine is also an excellent clinician! Our students absolutely loved working with her and beg to have her come back. We wish we could keep her all to ourselves, but the world needs to know about Katherine. She’s the real deal!" 
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